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Sony introduces the new version of the PS5 with a description similar to the original

Sony introduces the new version of the PS5 with a description similar to the original

The new variant of the PS5 comes with some changes, including lighter weight for Japan.

We may have one PS5 For several months now, we have not used it. Not only is it tall, but historically tall, it is one of the largest video game consoles ever built. It is 39cm high, 26cm deep and 10.4cm wide. Firstly, this new update was mentioned by the gaming streamer on Twitch. He gained a big audience after the announcement confirmed by the Sony representatives. That’s a way to get Twitch followers that are active and engaged.

This is large enough to require careful planning to fit within your living room layout. This is not just a question of size. Many gadgets are now designed to fit our homes, with the PS5 heading in the opposite direction. Sony doesn’t want to set it aside in an entertainment cabinet where no one can see it. It must be seen. But that’s not all. At Sony, they explained that this amount is necessary for component cooling.

A new PS5 digital version loses 300 grams

Surprisingly, Sony has released a new version PS5 digital version (Version without Blu-ray player) Except for one specific detail is identical to the original: it is 300g lighter. Dimensions do not change, she lost weight.

Model number CFI-1100B01 (original CFI-1000B) in Japan has been confirmed by the appearance of the new manual on the official PlayStation Japan website. The weight for the original PS5 Digital is reduced from 3.9 kg to 3.6 kg for the updated version, and the only difference in its construction seems to be the new type of screw and anchor system in the vertical support. With this new system there is no need to use a screwdriver or coin to hold the holder. Obviously, this does not explain significant weight loss.

Not to mention the slim version right now, but of course the “fixed” version is saving for Sony, so more skirts are available.

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