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"Download Green Pass", but pay attention to the message: what it hides

“Download Green Pass”, but pay attention to the message: what it hides

A new phenomenon Fishing The Ministry of Health invests in Italians by exploiting the messages it sends Green bass. An easily predictable event given the notification methods selected by the Ministry, which easily lend itself to being a fraud with little attention. The incident erupted last weekend and at the Postal Police Has already warned users With an announcement, it underscores the importance of paying attention to every detail in the communications received.

In fact, a Share Whose text is deceptive: “At this link you can download the Green Certificate (Green Pass) Covid-19, which allows you to travel freely across Italy without a mask“.Link leads to a deceptive website, which is designed to convince the user that it is the real site of the Ministry of Health.

Those information will not be communicated to ministerial servers in order to obtain a Green Pass, but they will be available to do so Frauds. Possibilities for obtaining personal data, residential address, personal data and in some cases even bank details are often used for fraudulent activities such as activating expensive unsolicited subscriptions but creating false documents. There are numerous reports of access to current accounts and theft of cash, as well as the signing of contracts to provide unsolicited services.

The Postal Police always recommend paying close attention to the links indicated in the news and opening them only after verifying the authenticity of the source of origin. Never enter your personal data, especially bank details“, Reads the website Police post, Recommends immediate reporting. Before providing your data, the police are available to anyone in doubt to contact them if they have suspicious messages.

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It is very easy to recognize fraud in this particular case. The Ministry of Health does not send messages using the WhatsApp site, but only via Traditional SMS. Original news text: “****’s Green Govt-19 certification available. Use AUTHCODE ************ and health card at or App Immune or wait for notification at App IO“. Only the first two letters of the first name are included, the first of the last name.