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Video: Handbrake 1.4 finalized for Apple M1 Mac

Video: Handbrake 1.4 finalized for Apple M1 Mac

Handbrake Mac has finally received the update for the Apple M1. The video converter application has been providing optimal beta for Apple computers under the new framework for several months now, but version 1.4 has taken its time to release in the final version. It has been there for a few hours, and even though the vision has not changed or is almost non-existent, it is back Many changes.

Magos Big Suril Active Handbrake 1.4.

In addition to Apple’s own support for silicon chips, Handbrake 1.4 can now encrypt videos with 10- and 12-bit encoded colors. If the original file is of this quality, the application will not automatically convert it to 8-bit video, which will last for many years. However, handbrake makers warn that not all filters are compatible with these ideal colors If we choose one It still runs in 8 bits and we will get to this point automatically.

In Long list of changes, We note the reference to the most efficiently stored previews, which should minimize the temporary storage space used by the handbrake. On the interface page, a tab dedicated to the dimensions of the video before encryption was edited, specifically to manageIncrease, I.e. passing a video with greater clarity. In MacOS, the application also manages files .ts Developed by the EyeTV app, for those who use it.

This new version was not provided to me by the built-in update mechanism, probably a temporary bug. Handbrake 1.4 can be obtained from the official website Via this direct link For the macOS version. Keep in mind that this is a universal binary that is compatible with Intel Macs and Apple Silicon Macs.

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Handbrake is translated into French and requires MacOS 10.11 (L-Capitol) or higher for use.