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How To Play Online Live Baccarat – Tips & Tricks

Baccarat is a card game that is played all over the world. It has simple rules while being able to give the necessary gambling sensations. If you describe the game in simple terms, you need to predict which hand will win at the end of the round – the player or the banker.

Baccarat can be called simple only at first glance. You will need to consider several nuances to predict the outcome of the round correctly. Today we will discuss the game’s rules and evaluate strategies that can work.


Understanding The Point System

The easiest card game option is to play baccarat at an online casino. Two game options are often available in the casino – slot machines, where the computer is responsible for the distribution and plays with live dealers. To choose the right option for yourself and win, you need to look for more details on the casino sites. 

Before you sit down at any card table, you should learn about the features of card counting in this game. The name “baccarat” is translated as “zero”. It reflects some of the game’s features – face cards and tens are considered zero points. Ace has 1 point. All cards with numbers are considered at their face value.

In the game, you can score up to 9 points on your hands. If the sum exceeds 9, the value of the points is rounded off – 10 points are subtracted. For example, after the deal, the amount on hand was 15 points, but only 5 points will be counted.

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If you score 10 or 20 points after the deal, you will have zero points in your hand. This is the worst possible scenario. 

The best cards in hand are those that bring a total of 8 or 9 points. Such a combination is called “natural,” and with a high probability, it will be victory.

How Cards Are Dealt in Baccarat

Regardless of the type of game, the first player receives his pair of cards. After the cards are dealt, they are turned face up. In a card game, all actions are carried out exclusively by the dealer. The player does not touch his cards.

The third card is given to the player depending on the current number of points in hand. If the score goes from 0 to 5, another card is dealt. No additional cards are dealt if the number of points varies from 6 to 9.

If the player has collected 9 points on his hands, and the amount of the Banker has reached 8 points, the player is declared the winner of the round. A “Draw” is possible in the game. It is counted if the player and the banker have the same points at the end of the round.

The distribution to the Banker has several features. So, he can take the third card in his hand only if:

  • the distribution of the first two cards gives a total of up to 3 points;
  • if the player has already collected 8 points, and the dealer has no more than 3 points in his hand.

The last deal still leaves the banker with a chance of winning the round. He may be able to score 9 points from the third map.

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A little betting advice. The banker’s hand wins more often than the player’s. This is because the banker receives the cards in his hand second.

What Bets Can Be Placed in Baccarat

A feature of baccarat is that you can bet on both the banker and the player. It is independent of which side of the gaming table you are sitting on. There are three types of basic bets in baccarat:

  1. Player: 1 to 1 bet that after the deal, the player will collect 8 or 9 points and beat the dealer.
  2. Tie: The bet has high odds – 8 to 1- but rarely falls out, so we do not recommend betting on it. The stake in the game will be paid if both the player and the banker collect the same number of points on their hands after the end of the round.
  3. Banker: A bet similar to “Player.” You win if the banker has more points. The chance is paid out with a coefficient of 1 to 1, while the casino takes 5% of the winnings.

What Strategy To Use in Baccarat

At the moment, there are no strategies that can guarantee you a victory in the round with 100% probability. Most often, players use the Martingale strategy.

The bottom line is this – you determine the size of the minimum bet and bet on a specific outcome, for example, on the victory of the “Player.” In case of loss, the chance is repeated but doubled. As a result, the next prize round will help you return the lost amount and stay in the black.

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The strategy will suit you only if you have a sufficient bankroll. Also, make sure that high stakes are accepted at a particular table. Otherwise, at some point, you will not be able to continue the game with an increase in the rate due to the established restrictions. 

Here are a few more tips:

  • Bet on the Banker – They win more often than bets on the Player.
  • Do not bet on a Tie – This outcome is improbable.
  • Choose games where the distribution is carried out with a minimum number of decks.