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Video Comparison of Differences -

Video Comparison of Differences –

Untitled: Collection – The Legacy of Thieves The protagonist of a newcomer Comparison video Showing page by page PS4 and PS5 versions, Highlights Differences Between the two, as far as this particular video is concerned, is not really very pronounced.

This video was released by the YouTube channel “Ultimate Commerce” and it is not clear how it was made: Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves is based on excerpts from the video, as the video material is probably banned. Trailers, so we do not really face in-depth technical analysis.

To see the differences in detail, with the exact data associated with it Resolution and performance In this new PS5 version, we’ll have to wait for the classic post-release analytics, but in the meantime we can still get a general idea of ​​the upgrades to be applied to the originals in this package with the untitled 4: The Thief’s End and the Untitled: L ‘Lost Legacy in the PS5 version.

New additions to the PS5 are officially announced by Sony with a package presentation or three different graphics options. Improvements Used, 3D audio, fast loading and DualSense controller support. As for the three graphics modes, they are as follows:

  • Fidelity mode is a 4K and 30 fps
  • Performance mode is a 1440p nativi (4K overhead) and 60 fps
  • Performance + 1080p nativi and 120 fps mode

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