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Very tricky trick

WhatsApp messaging app also has a system for receiving conversations. Very convenient for jealousy but not only …

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It is also true that if WhatsApp may be subject to some unwanted access attempts by some strangers (like almost all major social networks), then using the most popular messaging app for purely legitimate purposes is a bad deal. Not much because of the chat, With a moment’s distraction, if you decide to entertain “secret” relationships (until the end in the hands of the phone partner), it becomes the main act of (self) accusation.

There is a system that can track the evolution of the chat without directly capturing the suspect’s phone chat. With the arrival of the new WhatsApp update, once It will be easy.

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Escape on WhatsApp? A simple trick and goodbye secret …

Nothing really unusual. Simple web WhatsApp backup is enough. In fact, with a simple third device, you can connect directly to the WhatsApp web of an already connected phone. And, more, Reading conversations directly in real time. Of course, it is better to plant everything in an environment of mutual trust. It goes without saying that the possibilities can be used in other areas, especially in the workplace.

But it is also true that those who are very jealous may find this system very favorable. In a nutshell, a “remote” backup will allow access to content even if it serves innocent purposes (e.g. old news with sensitive information). The fact is that WhatsApp continues to be in line with the times. However, in short, the desktop extension that allows the use of video calls has not yet been provided. More forward, especially in terms of smartworking. Except for jealousy.

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