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Very Mobile: Very Flash 200 Giga, with unlimited minutes and SMS for 99 7.99 per month - Montomobile Web.It

Very Mobile: Very Flash 200 Giga, with unlimited minutes and SMS for 99 7.99 per month – Montomobile Web.It

2021 June 4 to 30, subject to any changes, with Very mobile New mobile offer available Very flash This includes a data set, in addition to voice and SMS traffic 200 Giga per month for internet traffic If you come from certain operators.

Very flash a 7.99 euros per month Unlimited minutes for all national numbers, unlimited SMS for all national numbers every month and 200 Giga mobile internet traffic on 4G network Up to 30 Mbps in download and up to 30 Mbps in upload with payment on the remaining credit.

Automatic top-up service can be enabled or disabled at any time. The new Very Flash offer will be available on the morning of June 4, 2021.

The new Flash offer will be implemented for new mobile customers who will be activating the new rechargeable SIM with simultaneous on-demand portability. Iliad, Fastweb, Coopvos, Postmobile and some virtual operators (Kena Mobile, except Ho. Mobile and Spusu).

Very mobile Is a mobile phone service that can be booked from the phone operator Wind Tray Spa (CK Hutchinson Group), so this WinTrai’s second consumer brand, In which it is exploited Your Reed In 4G Up to 30 Mbps In both download and upload.

Minutes and SMS in Italy are valid for all national mobile and landline numbers. There is navigation up to 4G on the Wintere network with speeds of up to 30 Mbps in download and upload.

The VoLTE service It is active for free for all mobile customers certified by the same mobile phone operator equipped with terminals capable of supporting this technology.

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Most mobile offers can also be used Roaming in the EU And the United Kingdom (Currently) Without additional costs up to the maximum monthly data traffic required by regulations Roaming just like at home, Minutes and SMS can be used throughout all EU countries. Giga available for EU roaming throughout 2021 Here: 4.4 Giga Month Very Flash.

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Exceeds Giga included in offers, Navigation will be blocked until the next renewal, and if you do not decide to renew the offer in advance at its monthly cost, you will receive the full bundle provided by the active offer.

Virtual operator offers includePayment of expenses of concessions on remaining credit, With the possibility of activating the automatic top-up service at any time.

Maybe Not enough credit to renew, The offer will be terminated until you have recharged enough to cover the cost.

On-call services are not included in the additional cost I was looking for you e Ringmee, When it appears The implementation of paid services is naturally prevented, Can then be opened via the official application. In addition, the VoLTE service (On compatible devices).

Finally, please note Advertising is available until 20 June 2021, excluding any extensions Bring a friend too, Which allows you to invite your friends to join in and get up 50 euros free top-ups, Receives each new customer (who uses the call code by activating the SIM) 5 euro free top-up.

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Preview. S. to report. Unless formalized by the operator, the message should be treated as a blindfold with no informative and business value.

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