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Verification C19: Here are the apps to read green passes and avoid duplicates. How it works – Instructions

Check out C19: Here are the apps to read green passes and avoid duplicates – here’s how it works

Faced with the risk of fake Green Passes (also sold on social channels), Palazzo Chigi is restarting the app, which was temporarily created to verify the authenticity of the certificate from its Twitter account. “Green Certification: How to Easily Identify the Real” is the Prime Minister’s tweet, he explains, in a short chart, how the application works. This is called “verification c19”, which works by scanning the QR code of the Green Pass, and it is free.

Green Pass Checks at Work

From October 15, new tools programmed by the “VerificationC19” processor or Dpcm will be used for workplace checks, which will allow “daily and automatic” verification, specifying pass holdings only and no higher staff data. The QR code reading system can be integrated with existing temperature detection devices in turnstiles or companies and the software communicates directly with the national site that provides the green pass – with an asynchronous contact: Source: NoiPà for public organizations that oversee this site or the INPS portal for employers with more than 50 employees, public and private , Or finally, with personnel management information systems for public administrations with at least a thousand employees.

With the green pass duty for certain activities, checks will also come. Green Passport from August 6 – once you have received the vaccination certificate (issued 15 days after the first dose and valid after the second or second dose and valid for 9 months), with a certificate of cure (valid for 6 months) and a negative result of a tampon carried out within the previous 48 hours It will be essential for indoor restaurants, outdoor shows, spas, swimming pools, gyms, exhibitions, conferences and competitions, bars but also for dining at the counter. , Even if indoors.

Green Pass: Here is how to download or print the Green Govt-19 certificate on your mobile

Therefore, checks are necessary to verify the validity and authenticity of green certificates that citizens can display on paper and digital editions. Tests will be carried out using the VerificationC19 processor developed by the Ministry of Health through SOGEI.

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Green Pass, How the Verification Application Works C19

The VerificationC19 processor can only be used by “verifiers” or those responsible for controlling Covit-19 Green Certifications: service providers who require certification, as well as certificate holders and government officials who participate in the organizers of events and activities must perform their duties.

The process for using the verification application, in particular, is divided into the following stages: The verifier requests a certificate from interested parties showing the relevant QR code (digital or paper form). The application reads the QR code, extracts the information, verifies the authenticity by verifying the digital signature and then graphically shows the verifier the true authenticity and validity of the certificate and the ‘holder’s name, surname and date of birth. And its unique identifier. The holder, at the request of the verifier, displays the corresponding personal data in the document for the purpose of verifying the documents displayed by the app. All important data in the green pass will not be stored by the app depending on privacy.

Instructions for Operators

The COVID-19 Green Certification Verification Process involves the use of VerificationC19, the national verification function installed on a mobile device. This application allows you to verify the authenticity and validity of certificates without the need for an Internet connection (offline) and without storing personal information on the verifier’s device.

VerificationC19 application is compatible with the European version, but reduces the amount of data that can be viewed by the operator to minimize processed information.

How the verification takes place

    1. 1 – Certificate is requested by the auditor to the interested party showing the relevant QR code (in digital or paper form).
      2 – Verification The C19 utility reads the QR code, extracts information from it, and verifies the valid electronic seal.
      3 – Verification The C19 application uses the rules to verify that the certificate is valid.
      4 – Verification C19 Processor graphically shows the validity of the certificate to the verifier and the holder’s name, surname and date of birth.
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The interested party, at the request of the verifier, will display the correct identification document for the purpose of verifying the correspondence of the personal data contained in the document as shown by the App.

Who are the operators who can verify the certificate

    • * In carrying out their functions by public officers.
    • * Employees appointed to control the services of entertainment and programs in public or public institutions listed on the list listed in paragraph 8, paragraph 8 of Law. 94.
      * Owners of dormitories and public companies and their representatives who are required to hold a COVID-19 Green Certificate.
      * The owner or legal holder of the venues or premises where events and activities are required to hold the Covit-19 Green Certificate and their representatives.
      * Managers of facilities providing health, community-health and community-assistance services should have the Govt-19 Green Certificate as an observer, as well as their representatives.

VerificationC19 App is free.

Learn more

Ministry of Health Circular June 28, 2021 (VerifierApp User Guide for Verifiers “VerificationC19”): Opening New Window

Green Certificate clarifications and their use in cross-border environments and digital traveler location form

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