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Verification C19: Application for Reading Green Passes and Avoiding Duplicates Here – How It Works – Guide

Check out C19: Read Green Passes and Avoid Duplicates here – How It Works

Faced with the risk of fake green passes (also sold on social channels), Palazzo Siki is relaunching a tentatively created application to verify the credentials from its Twitter account. “Green Certification: How to Easily Identify the Real” is the Prime Minister’s tweet, he explains in a short chart, how the application works. This is called “Verification c19”, which works by scanning the QR code of the Green Pass and is free.

With the Green Pass obligation for certain functions, checks will also come. Green passport from August 6 – months after you receive the vaccination certificate) and the negative results of the tampon carried out in the previous 48 hours – indoor restaurants, outdoor shows, spas, swimming pools, gyms, exhibitions, conferences and competitions, bars, but not necessarily at home .

Therefore, checks are necessary to verify the validity and authenticity of green certificates that citizens can display on paper and digital editions. The tests will be carried out using the Verification C19 application developed by the Ministry of Health through SOGEI.

Green Pass, How the Verification Application Works C19

The Verification C19 application can only be used by “verifiers” or those responsible for controlling Covit-19 Green Certifications: service providers requiring certification, organizers of events and activities must have the same certification and public authorities to perform their functions.

The process of using the verification application, in particular, is divided into the following stages: The verifier requests a certificate from the interested party, who displays the relevant QR code (in digital or paper form). The application reads the QR code, extracts the information and continues with the authenticity verification by verifying the digital signature, which then graphically displays the actual authenticity and validity of the certificate and the name, surname and date of birth of the holder and its personal identifier. The holder, at the request of the verifier, discloses the correct identification document for the purpose for which the correspondence of personal data contained in the document is displayed by the application. All sensitive data in Green Pass will not be stored by the app in connection with privacy.

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Instructions for Operators

Covid-19 Green Certification Verification Process uses Verification C19, a national verification processor installed on a mobile device. No internet connection required (offline) and this application allows you to verify the authenticity and validity of certificates without storing personal information on the verifier’s device.

Verification The C19 utility is compatible with the European version, but reduces the amount of data that can be viewed by the operator to minimize processed information.

How the verification takes place

    1. 1 – Verifier Certificate is requested for interested parties showing relevant QR code (digital or paper form).
      2 – Verification C19 reads the QR code of the app, extracts information from it, and begins to verify the valid electronic seal.
      3 – Verification C19 App uses the rules to verify that the certificate is valid.
      4 – Verification C19 Processor, which shows the validity of the certificate and graphs its holder’s name, surname and date of birth.

The interested party, at the request of the verifier, discloses the correct identification document for the purpose for which the correspondence of the personal data contained in the document is displayed by the App.

Who are the operators who can verify the certificate

    • * Public officers in performing their functions.
    • * Entertainment services and places open to the public or in public institutions Article 3, paragraph 8, law no. 94.
      * Owners of Shelter Facilities and Public Enterprises are required to hold the Govt-19 Green Certificate and their representatives.
      * The owner or legal holder of the premises or premises where events and activities take place, which requires the Covit-19 Green Certificate and their representatives.
      * Managers of facilities providing health, community-health and social assistance services are required to have a Covit-19 Green Certificate as an observer and their representative.
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Verification C19 App is free.

Learn more

June 28, 2021 Circular of the Ministry of Health

Green certificates and descriptions of their use in cross-border environment and digital traveler locator form

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