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Various reasons: Ubisoft is losing a lot of employees

Over the past few months, an average number of employees have been looking for new jobs outside of Ubisoft. The reasons for this are varied and somewhat self-inflicted, and the consequences are obvious: Ubisoft talks about “big discharge” and “severed artery” internally.

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Such harsh comparisons should make it clear that current projects are affected by the high number of departures. Axios. At least 5 of the first 25 references in Fore Cry 6 credits are no longer with the company, and the youngest Assassin’s Creed 12 employees are named in the top 50. However, all levels of the company are affected.

Overall, according to LinkedIn figures, employee earnings are slightly higher than 12 percent, EA (9 percent) and Epic Games (7 percent). After a series of scandals and crude crisis management, Activision now stands at 16 percent. Ubisoft itself said in a statement that employee satisfaction and earnings were subject to regular business regulations.

Various reasons

There are many reasons for this growth. According to Axios, the outgoing employees talked about “generous” offers from the competition. Especially in Montreal, studios are currently growing out of the ground. Wage increases for employees in Canada have doubled turnover there, but at the same time caused frustration in other regions where wages have not been increased.

Ubisoft is also becoming a target for headhunters due to such unsatisfactory results. It is felt that the attitude of harassment and discrimination in the workplace is not enough, the demands of the employees are handled only superficially, so the criticism goes, not enough is done for a deep and lasting change. It also shows that a group must take into account the interests of workers to at least a certain extent.

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Especially for the affected minorities, this is a crucial factor for a professional restructuring. According to the site, citing interviews with Ubisoft employees, both crisis management and the publisher’s sick image play a role. Last but not least, management and “creative confusion by absolute minimum” have been named as causes. The “Ubisoft formula” is as exhausting for employees as it is for consumers.