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Valve offers no further delays, sending hundreds of dev kits -

Valve offers no further delays, sending hundreds of dev kits –

Despite contagious complications and component sources, Valve confirmed Export From Steam platform Will begin at the end of February as planned. In short, there will be no, except for unpleasant last-minute unexpected events There is no other adjournment.

Confirmation came through a post on Steam, where we learned that Gabe Newell’s company continues to work on the Steam Deck “Verified” program so that users can ensure that the console is compatible with a large number of games. Sent hundreds of dev kits For developers.

Series of steam layers in the test

“We are on track to deliver Steam Tech on schedule. Despite epidemics, distribution and shipping issues, we can start exporting by the end of February,” the post on Steam said.

“At the same time, we’re working on a verified project at SteamTech.

“It’s very important to give developers the ability to test their games. In order to get that beautiful green ‘Verified on Tech’ badge, we are sending a significant amount of dev kits to developers. Sending) ”

Pre-orders for SteamTech began in July last year, and Valve plans to launch its console before Christmas. Unfortunately production problems due to component shortages, as well as the well-known semiconductor crisis affecting production of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, forced the valve to postpone release until February 2022.

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