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How to download Elyze 2022 on iOS or Android political app?  - Breakflip Awe

How to download Elyze 2022 on iOS or Android political app? – Breakflip Awe

Ellis is a brand new app now. But what is the opinion of this new President Tinder? We explain all this to you.

For a few days, Ellis Shake the Internet with this new Candidate Match System. As the presidential election approaches, about twenty volunteers have designed the application: Ellis. It was inspired by a well-known concept Tinder, Swipe right or left according to your ideas in the candidates’ plans.

The goal is simple. To answer questions Swipe to the right if you agree, to the left if you disagree, and to the middle if you agree. Surely, You have explanations In questions if you do not know what it is. You can install the app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Why Ellis App?

The application is absolute Free Available atApp Store And on Game Store. Image of Elise Second Ranking of free apps from the Apple Store and First Among the best apps in the Google Play store.

This application Free and No advertising Depending on your preferences, the algorithm will define the candidates for the 2022 presidential election The candidate you like based on your ideas And what he offers in his plan. The application gives you less 500 questions With 15 candidates (Whether official or not) to present themselves during the election. You will find 9 themes Dealing withEnvironment, Economy, Education, தி Unity And this Health, International, தி Culture, தி Company, தி Security (Security And Justice) Finally the Companies And Territories.

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When done, you can access a Extensive ranking Candidates who can match you with a certain percentage. Then you can Share your results With your friends after the test. Attention ! This test does not have to be taken lightly. This application determines a candidate from certain questions, but is not based on in-depth ideas. This is the purpose Encourage young people to ask themselves questions And Be more interested in politics Learn more about candidate plans.