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Apple wants to involve steam in the fight against epic games, but Valve refuses -

Valve Introduction News –

Steam Introduced new ones Function Per Explore It ShopUnpublished entry points for specific topics and categories, including sub-categories, themes and more.

With over 25 million users simultaneously, Steam has been experimenting with new ways to get to the store for months, and the tens of thousands of games in it, the results of which are here.

New and significant
Many users rely on our catalog to quickly find out what are the new and popular games on Steam. Now you can access it from the new and significant single menu, so you can consult directly on current offers, latest updates and topics coming to Steam.

The basic list of types, no matter how simple to browse, does not meet the requirements of a list as diverse as Steam. Our new genre of menu allows users to quickly find and immerse themselves in a variety of interesting games on Steam. There are dozens of new game types in this menu, and you can explore them later.

New entry points: Categories, themes and game modes
Our new entry points are based on three main ways users browse Steam: by type, theme and game mode. Each of these reasons answers a different question widely:

Types – “What kind of game is this? What gaming experience does it offer?”
Real time strategy, adventure RPGs, farm simulators, Metrodvania etc.

Themes – “What is this game about?”
Science fiction, survival, mystery, etc.

Game mode – “Who can I play this game with?”
Single player, multiplayer, MMO, co.

These player options can be organized and expressed using Steam tags and metadata. Categories and themes The categories included in the entry points are defined by labels, while the categories included under game modes are defined by additional metadata provided by the developer.

We have selected all three of these broad categories through a combination of research, insight and feedback structured from beta, but steam curators have also given it a strong clue. We have noticed how many curators create certain types of playlists, all of which fall into the above three categories.

We find game and genre based lists such as City Building Games, others based on themes such as dog games, and some more based on game modes such as topics to play with your partner.

New vision patterns
Starting from these three entry points, we will show you 48 new genres, 48 ​​theme categories and 7 game mode genres for a total of 63 new genres derived from common trends shared between game genre and player search habits.

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Clicking on any of these categories will take you to a dedicated content center, a main page dedicated to that particular type of game. You can track your favorite topics like new and notable board games, best-selling single-player roll-flaming and adventure games, over-played deep story science fiction cyberpunk games or your favorite place on Steam.

Each of these places has its own URL, so you can save it to your browser or share it with your friends. Each category features a scrolling banner featuring games, best-selling titles and discounts, and five specific tabs:

  • New and trendy
  • Top sellers
  • Currently played
  • Excellent reviews
  • Come

Players can filter for the most popular labels within these centers. The labels in the left column indicate the most popular genres and subtypes for the category, while the right column displays other popular labels (such as dynamics, graphics, themes and game modes).

Clicking on any of these labels will show you a comprehensive view of the Content Center. In the image above we see the construction and automation simulators, and then only the games that include the space simulator label. Each of these detailed displays has a specific URL.

Users can revert to the original category at any time by disabling the previously enabled filter by labeling or by clicking on another filter to see a different detailed view of the category.

Steam special sections
This new navigation system moves other types of content (e.g. software, sound recordings and VR hardware) within specialized sections as part of the item. These and other familiar entry points are now all integrated into one type navigation menu.