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Valve has yet to find a game that will not turn us on -

Valve has yet to find a game that will not turn us on –

Steam Tech Can rotate All games, Even those published in 2021. In an interview with, the voice of developer Pierre-Loop Griffiths says it’s the valve, in which he talks about the technical features of the console and its capabilities.

Cover: “For us, the games released last year were the real test. They did not work properly on the older prototypes and other configurations we tested. This is the first time we have achieved the level of performance required to run the latest generation of games smoothly.

In the words of Pierre-Loop Griffiths, the entire steam library can run on a steam site: “So far we have not found anything that can not run this device.

According to the developer, the current trend in the PC world in favor of the steam deck is to support the steam deck. Liquidity In detail. This forces developers to create games that are more easily scalable and adaptable to the features of the Steam deck.

Valve reiterated that SteamTech was one of the first devices to use LPDTR5 RAM, a type of memory that could become standard in the coming years.

SteamTech is a console / PC hybrid that is designed to allow PC gamers to take their library with them, playing wherever they want.

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