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Vaccine Passport: Install your QR code on Android without VaxiCode

Vaccine Passport: Install your QR code on Android without VaxiCode

The Quebec government application, which has already been downloaded 1,330,000 times in the App Store, is coming to the Play Store for Android phone users today. Do not be afraid if the app does not work properly on your device or you can not install it. In fact, this application is not required: you can decide to print the code, quite simply!

However, the following steps will be useful for you as they can store your QR code on your Android phone and access it with a single click.

Step 1 – Download your QR code

First, download your QR code to your phone. To do this, go Official Self-Service Portal of the Government of Quebec Use the web browser on your Android device and follow the on-screen instructions.

You must enter your name, date of birth and health insurance number, your parents’ first and last names and your personal information about your first vaccine (date and brand).

After submitting the information, on the next page, click the button Upload your vaccination certificate. A PDF file containing your QR code will be downloaded automatically.

Step 2 – Install a file manager (optional)

Your phone may already have a file manager, an application that allows you to access various documents stored on your device. Some, like my files from Samsung, install a PDF file directly on your home screen, but not all.

If not, install an app with the functionality File Manager, Inshot.

Step 3 – Find the QR code

If your vaccination passport is not displayed on the home page of the application, select the button Download Find out

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Start the file manager. Follow the on-screen instructions to allow access to your storage space when you first use it.

The process is almost the same no matter which manager you use. For example, in my files, it appears in the file type Downloads.

Step 4 – Add QR code to your home screen

In the file manager, click on the small dot to the right of your vaccine passport to select it. Then press the button Plus In the bar at the bottom of the screen, select the option Add to home screen. You can manually place it where you want or add it automatically at the end of your list of apps.

Again, the process may vary slightly depending on the application used. For example, with my files, you have to touch its name for a few minutes to select the PDF, but the available options remain the same.

If you plan to install multiple credentials on your phone, first select the PDF name and rename it by clicking Rename At the bottom of the screen. In addition to the method proposed here, there are other applications to better manage multiple documents at once, Similar to Pass2Pay for Android.

Step 5 – Click on the icon to display your code

To open your QR code, click the new icon on your home screen. In the first scenario, you need to use a PDF reader (PDF Viewer Disc, PDF Viewer for OneDrive, etc.). Select your favorite and press As always You do not have to repeat this step every time.

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The PDF containing your QR code will be displayed automatically, and you can provide it to the companies that need it.