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Vaccine, Leica mayors: “Just do the barrel discharge, the region accepts its responsibilities”

Crossetto – “No more wasting time, no justifications, above all, no more guilt. The region accepts its responsibilities and launches a major vaccination program. It should be more active now than it was at the time of the controversy. ” Luca Chrysanthemum Of Compagnadiko, Diego Cinelli Magliano and Francesca Travison Presented by Scarlino.

“As mayors of small municipalities – they say – we understand the fears and frustrations of so-called vulnerable subjects, especially older people.

In our municipalities they are affected, unfortunately, dead, and now in Tuscany we would like to see the clarity and light of the vaccination program that is not continuing as we all expected.

We are dealing with worrying explosions. Scarlino ended up in the red zone, a few months ago, with the same mayor who was infected with the virus managing the Cas de San Antonio Center in Campagnadico, where Magliano cried its most important moment in the autumn, until today, four people have died.

Being the mayor of a small town means getting to know the whole people in practice and living more actively with it, all the worries and beliefs that have been ignored to date.

We are very confident in the extraordinary regional council demanded by the Northern League, which will take place next Wednesday, which will lead to the establishment of a special commission. It will be a moment of conflict, from which you must come out with determination.

We thank the LEGA team and, in particular, the Vice President of the Health Commission Andrea Ulmi, In its corporate role with continuous dialogue with physicians and executives to implement not only critical control measures but also constructive actions to address many critical issues in local and regional health. We know that by holding the leadership of the opposition in health and being a doctor in the regional council, our demands, which are common to mayors of other political colors, will be well represented.

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We hope that they will be collected and that the vaccines will finally be expedited after the council debate. ”