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Vaccine Certification: You can not download it, we explain how to do it

Vaccine Certification: You can not download it, we explain how to do it

Once you have received the two-dose vaccine, all you have to do is issue your vaccination certificate, which will be useful for participating in certain events from June 9, the effective date of the health pass.

Certification that you have received two doses of the Govit-19 vaccine can prove to be precious sesame by implementing the Health Pass from June 9th. But it seems that many French people who have been vaccinated still have difficulty obtaining this prestigious certificate.

Health Insurance, which recognized some delays due to the high number of claims, updated the practice on Wednesday, June 2nd. If the procedure is usually performed through a telescope service set up by Health Insurance, it is possible to contact a physician or resolve a connection issue with France. We explain to you.

Get certified through health insurance

“From May 27, 2021, all beneficiaries of a French health insurance plan will be able to obtain their certified vaccination certificate, independently and safely, from the telescope service developed by Assurance Maladi.“, Refers to Amelie’s site.

To access it, you need to connect with France Connect, the nationally accredited portal that provides access to a service created by health insurance.

Here is the procedure to follow:

  1. From your smartphone, computer or tablet, go to the address Then click the button “Connect with France”.
  2. Select the personal account you want to link to.
  3. Click the button “Continue on Vaccination Certification – Health InsuranceDownload it in PDF format.
  4. Save the certificate Print it on a smartphone, computer or tablet or take a photo if downloaded on a computer, you do not have a printer to keep it on your phone. “Important: After paying for each dose of the vaccine, a new version of the certificate is available”, which also refers to the site of health insurance.
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Integrate it into the “TousAntiCovid” application

Health Pass is available via the TousAntiCovid application. For many French people who have been vaccinated, the easiest way is to have the vaccination certificate directly on the application.

To this end, a “certified vaccine certificate” can be added “My Notebook” section Of ‘Application Mobile TousAntiCovid“, Explains the health insurance site.

“All you have to do is flash the QR code to the right of the certificate (the document will be printed or displayed in PDF on the screen of a tablet, computer or other smartphone). It will be automatically saved in the application.” In short, To add to the app you need to print it on your phone or show it somewhere else, If the document was downloaded on your own phone.

If you have other difficulties …

You may not be able to complete this process, and to explain it, health insurance considers difficulties. ““Information system used by health professionals to detect vaccines is a reflection of the seizures caused by the Kovit vaccine.” West France reported.

This may indicate that information about your vaccine is incomplete or submitted too late to the Govt vaccination site used by experts.

In this case, the health insurance “Get in touch with the vaccination center or the injecting health professional Understand why (input delay, input error, etc.) Provided with their administrative documents (ID card, Vittel card) and any document given during their injection allows the center or specialist to find out the history of their vaccine (vaccine summary, etc.) “.

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