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Merlani forced vaccination workers

Vaccination of Nursing Staff: The cantonal barrel will discharge it

Issued by Lorenzo Quadri, Municipality of Lugano


We take this difficult position and gladly publish it, which is somewhat in line with our opinion.


It has been debated for some time whether or not nursing staff who come in contact with vulnerable individuals should be vaccinated against goiter.

In the last few weeks or months, some countries have introduced vaccination requirements for health workers. An action in this regard was also expected at the Ticino level. The action has really come. But in the form of a barrel exhaust.

The Directorates of Health Facilities – Hospitals and Clinics, Homes for the Elderly, Assistance Services and Home Care – have actually received a circular letter from the Cantonal Physician’s Office. In writing, with a precise tone, it is clear that if all caregivers are not vaccinated, the fault lies with the individual “not the wax”, but with the direction of the company. The weight of personal choice is made by the individual and then discharged in another case.

The letter announces the creation of a public registry from August 1, in which the structures will indicate the rate of vaccinated persons.

This way is very frustrating.

In fact, it is clear that Canton wants to – exactly! – All caregivers were vaccinated. But he did not have the courage to order the duty to vaccinateI. Then pour over the hot potato boss. A hole is (very) easy and not very decent.

In fact, there are no legal ways for an employer to vaccinate employees. The latter, however, insists on refusing immunizations in defiance of all compliant efforts, at its expense – subject to public ridicule and engraved on the ban list – it is the company; Personal caregiver is not “no wax”.

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The cantonal document contains a clear call to management to take more or less concealed retaliatory measures against collaborators who “reconsider” the vaccine.

Canton will have the authority to mandate that caregivers be vaccinated against coyote. But instead of providing the tools to do so, he wants to unleash “dirty” work on others – that is, forcing it. This is to avoid inferring the “bad” uncomfortable area from non-vaccinated caregivers.

There is an opportunistic type of resistance, albeit limited to a particular type of specialists, in referring to the compulsion of the vaccine. This is despite the fact that vaccination obligations already exist for students in the social and health care (!) Industries.

Out of curiosity, this opposition did not emerge when he ordered a number of more provocative measures for the freedom of others than two sticks.

More would have been expected from a cantonal government.

But, as Don Apondio says: “One cannot dare without it”.


We oppose many things, but above all to a power that expresses itself honestly. One authority affirms that “I do not want to oblige anyone because freedom is sacred,” and then acts to the contrary.

Consider the case in question. Let’s take a company With a low score Pilloried on the cantonal portal. What do you think is going to happen? How independent are the directors of that company?

They will Independently The only thing they have to do.