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USB Type-C 2.1: Update Universal Connector New Specifications

USB Type-C 2.1: Update Universal Connector New Specifications


Last spring, USB-IF released specifications for USB-C 2.1. Cables and connectors that use this format are more efficient and support more power. Update this standard with a new signature.

One year ago, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) consortium released technical specifications USB4 standards. In the menu, the ability to reach 40 Gb / s, management of 16K video streams, compatibility with Thunderbolt 3 (optional) and current Type-C cables – currently works on USB standard Type-C2.0. One year later, USB-IF released a new redesign of the standard for managing USB-C cables: USB Type-C 2.1.

These new cables are apparently compatible with USB4 compliant devices. They can provide a maximum power of 240 W, which is interesting for computers. Sports Or other devices that use more power.

USB4 - USB Typc -C 2.1

The new Signage is designed to easily read the technical characteristics of Type-C 2.1 cables and USB 4 compatible devices. As shown by the example given by USB-IF: The reference to USB is the maximum speed for data transfers (40 GB / s in the example) and the last transport at the maximum possible power (240 W in the example). Chargers get a certified logo for their part, which combines maximum applicable power.

If these new logos bring clarity, we may still regret that cable manufacturers cannot offer everything and anything. Thus, a cable can well support transmission at 40 Gb / s, but can be limited to a maximum power of 60 W or load at 240 W, but limited to transfers of 20 Gb / s. Thus there are four possible combinations. Wouldn’t it be better to limit the quality to a single cable that supports both maximum speed and power? This would have simplified the cable offering and avoided bad purchases from viewers who are not always up to date with these nuances.

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