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USB-C should only be used in Europe, and Apple should drop the Lightning port

USB-C should only be used in Europe, and Apple should drop the Lightning port

Apple should drop the lightning port, the European Parliament agreed their position on the plan: only USB-C should be used in Europe.

Source: Lucian Alexe on Unsplash

The time to switch to iPhone USB-C is approaching. On April 20, 2022, members of the European Parliament agreed on their position regarding the connection of our electronic devices: only USB-C should be used in Europe. Final negotiations between the European Parliament and the EU countries can now begin.

As a reminder, in September 2021, A draft order The filing with the European Commission aims to impose a global and operational link. In other words, Europe wants to impose USB Type-C everywhere. We’re not just talking about smartphones, we’re talking about it Helmets, Listeners, Cameras, speakers … and of course even keyboards or mice. Note that Europe is the only exception to this list Reading lights Micro USB or something else can be used consistently.

See you in the middle of 2024

An agreement could be reached this summer – if negotiations succeed, the common charging cable in the EU by mid-2024 will become a reality. At many points, the positions of the member states of the European Union and the European Parliament are already very close. Both sides want to continue to use USB-C.

According to them, the same standard saves resources for charging smartphones, laptops or headphones, avoids thousands of tons of electronic waste and is said to be easy on consumers’ wallets. . However, by 2026 a uniform standard for wireless charging must be found Qi standard Already widely accepted by manufacturers.

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