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Us: Successful Title finally has an Xbox and PlayStation date

Us: Successful Title finally has an Xbox and PlayStation date

As is well known, the surprising success among us applies to both the Xbox and PlayStation. Now finally there is a fixed date for this!

Since the announcement of Within us Fans of the surprise hit had to wait a long time for the Xbox and PlayStation because a specific release date is still pending. Finally changed today!

You can pull out your calendar, including the red pencil, because it is no longer clear: you can mark December 14, 2021! From this day on, you can play with us on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. If you have subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass on Microsoft consoles you do not have to invest extra money for the full version. The title will be added directly to the subscription service.

On Sony and Microsoft consoles, all content previously published on other sites between us comes straight. You can also save cosmetics for Ratchet & Klang on PlayStation.

In addition to the release date, there were other related news: the game will support cross-game between individual sites from the beginning so you can play with friends on different consoles. Lobbies for 4 to 15 players are also supported in online multiplayer.

The first of us was released on iOS and Android 2018, before it came to PC and turned out to be an absolutely amazing success. A switchboard will appear in December 2020, ahead of other current consoles.

Us – PS4 & PS5 Announcement Trailer

Indy Darling Amanx will flow to PS5 and PS4 in 2021.

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