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Updating Data Centers with Hardware Series X -

Updating Data Centers with Hardware Series X –

Through an interesting interview with Microsoft we were able to discover many details about the philosophy and future of Xbox. The Redmond Company (that too) has told us about what it has done and what it will do for efficiency Xbox Cloud Gaming. One of the steps in this direction is renewal Information Center, Now based on technology Xbox Series X..

The most obvious consequence is that games played via cloud gaming now benefit from Xbox Series X technology. Less delay, But faster uploads and better frame rate. All of these innovations are the basic element for cloud gaming, guaranteeing the most pleasant and fluid gaming sessions.

The Xbox Cloud enhances itself with the Xbox Series X technology

Liz Hamron, Corporate vice president spoke in the cloud; Here are his words in translation: “Cloud is central to the future of gaming and is an important part of our road map.”

Microsoft’s new mantra of “content, content, content” was also talked about. In addition, it has been pointed out that Microsoft is accelerating the production of “core” consoles, hardware and operating systems.

For all the details, you can read our article: The Future of Xbox Between Game Pass and Cloud Gaming as Explained by Microsoft.

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