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Update with game mode and Windows 11 support

Update with game mode and Windows 11 support

From Rhonda Packman
The popular Rainmeter desktop extension has received a new update. Rainmeter 4.5 not only has some bug fixes, but also a new game mode. In addition, the tool is now compatible with the upcoming Windows 11.

Users have had to wait a long time for a new version: the popular Rainmeter extension tool has received a new update. After the release of Rainmeter 4.4 in November 2019, the developers worked as heirs for almost two years. However, Rainmeter 4.5 can now be downloaded.

The latest version of the tool brings many bug fixes and improvements. There is a new game mode. According to the developers, this method can reduce or eliminate network usage by CPU, GPU, hard disk and rainmeter. However, the mode only works when a game is played in fullscreen mode.

Additionally, Rainmeter 4.5 is now available with the upcoming Windows 11 Compatible. Microsoft’s latest operating system has not yet appeared. The developers of Rainmeter have adapted their device to the new tool based on the earlier versions of the operating system. This means the Rainmeter can be used on Windows 7 to 11 operating systems. Rainmeter 4.5 does not support older systems such as Windows XP and Vista.

Rainmeter is an extension that can completely customize the desktop. Various information about the computer or design components can be displayed using widgets. Additionally, applications can be controlled using quick start icons or weather data or display the media player in the Windows interface. Additionally, there are a ton of user-created skins that completely redesign the desktop.

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