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Update is available, here is a list of new features

Update is available, here is a list of new features

This new major WordPress update, referred to as Arduro, refers to jazz musician Arturo O’Farrell, bringing improvements to Project Gutenberg and integrating technological advances directly into CMS. As a reminder, Current Phase 2 made it possible to launch Full Site Editing (FSE) last January, a new experience in managing your entire site thanks to the Black Editor. Version 6.0 continues the evolution of FSE, enhancing performance and integrating new features.

WordPress: About Full Site Editing

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Improved writing experience in volume editors

Among the many features in the WordPress 6.0 program, we can see that CMS now allows you to change the styles for themes based on modules. In addition to copying and pasting text across multiple volumes, a new locking option from the “Lock” attribute provides the ability to lock, modify, disable the layout of content and volumes. Or delete any of them, especially if you want to create modular page templates.

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WordPress 6.0 enhances usability with a redesigned “list view” mode, which aims to help writers quickly visualize the structure of the volumes in a post. At a glance, you can check the exact hierarchy of titles and subheadings, which is an essential point of SEO, but also accessibility, and drag and drop modules to create a content page tailored to your needs.

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With this new version, you will also benefit from a set of templates for modules that declare support for the “core / post-content” category when creating new pages.

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Also: Better management of internal and external margins, borders and alignments, designing more detailed layouts or adding new modules such as ideas, “no end” module.

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Excellent performance with WordPress 6.0

One of the key issues with the release of the new WordPress 6.0 update is the performance displayed by CMS.

They have been greatly improved by mobilizing a portion of the CMS ecosystem, which runs 43% of the Internet. This includes contributors to key organizations in the WordPress community such as Google, Yoast, XWP Agency, but also other players such as Multilingual Management Extension Editor Pallong or My Agency Woodunit.

If you know what a digital carbon track means, it’s worth taking every tenth of every second saved! In addition, Jean-Baptiste Audras, a representative of the CMS Core team we interviewed, explains that this performance enhancement will provide a better experience for site administrators and their visitors.

WordPress 6.0: Technical issues, new features and objectives of the next update

Many technological advances such as query optimization and cache management have made CMS more efficient.

Other new features of WordPress 6.0

Other new features are offered during the release of WordPress 6.0 version, namely:

  • Interface improvements for media management with new filters and the ability to edit custom image sizes;
  • Dynamic hooks and filters for posts and taxonomies,
  • Block based themes no longer need the index.php file, which is replaced by the templates / index.html file,
  • Ability to change the description of the extension (Extensions> Add) or remove site icons on multisite networks,
  • Accelerated SQL loading and feedback review for dashboard,
  • Updates the Twemoji library (version 14.0.2) with support for the latest emojis added in version 14,
  • Or many new features related to accessibility (Detailed here)
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How to download WordPress 6.0 update?

To find out the latest version of CMS using these new features, go to On the official WordPress site Download the 6.0 update. You can also find it by going to your site’s admin interface: Dashboard> Updates.

As with every new major release, it is recommended that you back up your database and site files before installing the WordPress 6.0 update.