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Overview of downloads and features

Overview of downloads and features

Trello is a free productivity and task management application developed in 2011 by Folk Creek Software. Sold to Atlasian in 2017, it has more than 50 million users on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and web applications as of October 2019. Workplace tool that allows users to manage all types of work done in groups, companies and locations.


Trello for whom?

Trello is ideal for individuals, groups and businesses of all sizes looking for a work and project management solution.

Trolley features

Trello is a concrete style project management tool that visualizes the tasks that you or your team need to do. It has many features that make it easy and efficient to handle projects.

Schedule creation for projects

Tables can be created that contain all the relevant tasks and information for a specific product or project. In fact, you can create a schedule for each project. It integrates all the elements of this project.

Création_de_tableau - © Credit:
Création_de_tableau – © Credit:

When creating the board, you can choose the sharing mode (public or private). It is also possible to customize the interface with an image or color of your choice.

Visibility_tableau - © Credit:
Visibility_tableau – © Credit:

Adding lists to the group

Lists refer to the types in the table. They are often used to indicate progress. You can create as many lists as you want to track ideas, information and progress about your project represented by the team. You can get a quick overview of all the important tasks inherent in each phase of the project. Lists are marked vertically on the board.

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Add_to_list - © Credit:
Add_to_list – © Credit:

Information cards added

In a troll, cards are blocks of information that you create to represent the various tasks or ideas in your project. They are soft and easy to use. You can easily rearrange them and move them from one list to another. Very versatile, you can write simple text on them or fill them with checklists, images and links.

Add_de_cartes - © Credit:
Add_de_cartes – © Credit:

Apps provide the option to move, copy or archive each card. Once you have completed the tasks you can delete the map and use it as a template in other projects.

Use_of_cards - © Credit:
Use_of_cards – © Credit:

Background color definition

Setting a background color or an image for a board is more than just giving a good view. Groups are a way to easily identify and distinguish boards emotionally and unconsciously. This makes the boards recognizable at a glance, which creates less confusion and allows members to work faster.

Background_color - © Credit:
Background_color – © Credit:

Card covers

Like background images or backgrounds, map cards also give your map a unique identity, which helps speed up your processes. So, you can quickly identify it in the list of cards. You can upload a custom card to the card without affecting the pictures you have attached. If you are looking for pictures, there is a search box in the troll to help you find unlicensed images for your card.

Cover_of_cards - © Credit:
Cover_of_cards – © Credit:

Creating labels

One of the easiest ways for Trollo users to add color, texture and clarity to their boards is to add labels. Labels can be used in different ways. For example, it can be used to prioritize tasks or to organize them by a team. Just like tables, you can customize labels.

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Add_tags - © Credit:
Add_tags – © Credit:

Adding labels helps to categorize different aspects of the process. You can do a better search using them. You can assign colors that make your labels visually appealing and easily recognizable at a single glance. Finally, with label filters, you can only see the cards you need. This improves the concentration for better productivity.

Add checklists

Each card has checklists that divide the plans into smaller tasks. They also allow you to create a more comprehensive size list. A checklist allows the team to visualize project-specific tasks on a map, with each checklist item being assigned to members. This makes it easier for teams to collaborate on tasks at a glance.

Checklist - © Credit:
Checklist – © Credit:

Therefore, each saves time and effort to inform each other. This can be useful for tracking the progress of a task that involves many steps. Additionally, you have the option to map the checklist and assign your team members to specific items in the checklist. This is a great way to streamline work. It also makes it easier to break big projects into action steps for better progress.

Timeline definition

This feature allows you to create reminders for users. This way, they control the deadline and do not miss the work deadline. Trollo carefully observes this and proposes to start by defining the start date of the project / project.

Start_Date - © Credit:
Start_Date – © Credit:

Then, we can go to the definition of the outstanding date that can be added to the reminder period.

Table - © Credit:
Table – © Credit:

Timelines appear as small badges on the map. These will change color depending on how close you are to the outstanding date. For example:

  • Ash should be completed in no more than 24 hours;
  • If yellow there is still 24 hours to complete;
  • If red it belongs;
  • Pale pink is late;
  • If green it is absolute.
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This feature can be very useful in instantly letting you know what is the most important task to do and what to expect.

Share links

For each card, you can add one or more attachments. This can be very useful for sharing documents or keeping the resources you need for your work in one place. These can be direct links from the drive or files imported from your laptop. Everything is neatly stored on the card they attach. The limit is set to 10 MB. But you can connect up to 250 MB in the premium plan.

Sharing_piece_attachment - © Credit:
Sharing_piece_attachment – © Credit:

Integrate applications with power-ups

They provide functionality and allow integration with your trellis boards. With power-ups, you can incorporate applications that enhance your productivity into projects. This way, your information from different integrated applications will be visible in one place. Calendar power-up, for example, allows you to display relevant dates and bring a different approach to the board.

Power-up - © Credit:
Power-up – © Credit:

Enable Dark Mode

After a long day of work, it is normal for your eyes to get irritated and you should try hard to keep your eyes on the screen. To avoid this evil you have the option to enable dark mode by changing the theme of the app on your smartphone.

Theme_application - © Credit:
Theme_application – © Credit: