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Optical Reader Makes Low Noise After Update For Various Reports -

Update 21.02- Available, Weight & Update Details –

Sony has released the PS5 update 21.02- The update weighs 913 MB. You can now download directly via your PlayStation 5.

PS5 Update 21.02- Introduces several new features:

  • New control center customization options
  • Advanced game platform
  • Update for console library and homepage
  • New options for text reading functionality
  • PS Now Resolution Options (720p and 1080p)
  • New file tracking
  • 3D audio support for the console’s built-in speakers
  • M.2 SSD support

PS5 September 2021 Update No. 21.02- For all news about the contents, you can read our dedicated news or watch our video.

Additionally, console updates continue a PS5 DualSense controller update. The system does not report changes dedicated to the controller, but we do know that dualSense microphones can be used to check the room acoustics for optimal 3D audio setup of TV speakers. We believe the update is also linked to this innovation. Remember you need to connect to the console with a compatible USB cable to update DualSense.

The update may not take long, but remember to play online or use one of the PS5’s network features Mandatory Update the firmware.

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