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Update 1.5 for consoles sent to send certificate and release soon -

Update 1.5 for consoles sent to send certificate and release soon –

Author of ConcernedApe, at the end of 2020 In the Stardew Valley In version 1.5 of Life Simulator it was revealed that console gamers will soon get their hands on it. The visit was scheduled for late January without a specific date. Now, as you can see at the bottom of the message, the developer has confirmed itUpdate 1.5 The certificate was sent to Stardo Valley yesterday.

Unfortunately this is not to say that it can upgrade Startu Valley 1.5, but it should not be seen too much anyway. Each site has its own certification process, but ConcernedApe trusts it Recent in late January or early February You can access it.

As you know, the PC version of the game is already available with Startup Fence Update 1.5. In the update example a New farm Beach theme, advanced options for sports, one New area In the game world, New characters, Some key (with their own plot) and another secondary. Then there are New enemies, new items and new secrets.

This is the most important update to introduce Large amount of new game components, So Startu Valley fans are waiting for it with shock. So we hope this comes soon and there are no issues with the certification process.

In our view, the Stardo Valley is the best alternative for animal crossing.

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