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Update 1.2 brings new bugs, here are some examples -

Update 1.2 brings new bugs, here are some examples –

Cyberpunk 2077 Recently receivedUpdate 1.2, Designed to improve gaming performance. Unfortunately, this new update has also had negative effects and some players are experimenting with some Error, Not pleasant.

As we told you in our analysis of Patch 1.2 on the PS5, “there are significant improvements – even if you can play without crashing – but still have a long way to go. There is: programs have improved, NPCs are less plastered and lifeless, there were never any errors until we went, there are usually many changes to create an interesting experience. ”Unfortunately, the result was not in everyone’s favor.

As you can see below, some players have suffered one Effect of “Sand Storm” by Cyberpunk 2077 After update 1.2. Some players don’t care as much about this as they do when playing Blade Runner 2049. Some players have decided to try to “overwrite” this effect by activating the rain through the Blade Runner Easter egg area (original). In other words, they tried to get the blade runner out with another blade runner.

Other errors are not “interesting”. As you can see in the other example, update 1.2 had unintended consequences Top effect on some cars. On the web, there is talk of visual issues and various issues with the costumes of non-player characters. basically, Cyberpunk 2077 became better and worse at the same time.

Did we know that multiplayer is “reconsidered”, postponed or canceled in view?

Thanks for the awesome update CD Project … From r / cyberpunkgame

1.2 has messed up my entire storage and now the entire NC is permanently in the sandstorm. Honestly? I’m not even crazy From r / cyberpunkgame