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Server load, lasting several hours and disconnecting;  Square Enix wins on steam

Server load, lasting several hours and disconnecting; Square Enix wins on steam

Since the sale began Outer Riders (From 58,19 In Booking) On April 1, people will be able to fly (developer) and Square Enix (publisher) battling server loads, disconnections, and other PC-specific issues McCann (Strong stumbling blocks, Summary Etc.). Since 7:30 pm last night, there have been major difficulties because the servers are not available for several hours – and since you have to be permanently connected to online servers for individual games, nothing works. Cooperative multiplayer games were definitely interrupted (without warning).

Developers work eagerly in the background and try to use it as a role model Twitter And Reddit But it took several hours to fix yesterday’s issues before the Outreach servers slowly restarted. Cross-game Incidentally, PCs and consoles were already turned off to minimize server issues. The console versions still need to be updated, and Microsoft and Sony are asked to certify updates. Servers are currently running while developers are constantly monitoring the situation.

As for Square Enix, Adroders on Steam (PC) is definitely the biggest ever Success (According to SteamDB): The robber has recorded nearly 112,000 simultaneously active soldiers since the shooting began. The previous record for a publisher was less than 45,000 The Rise of the Tomb Rider, At 38,000 Shadow of the Tomb Rider And at 31,000 Marvel’s Avengers. The number of PC players should be even higher as the shooter is also sold in the Epic Games Store. Last Current Video: Exclusive Game Views PS5

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