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Unused ideas reappear for the 25th anniversary

Unused ideas reappear for the 25th anniversary

Written by Javier Marso

Nearly a thousand Pokemon are divided into 8 generations, the universe “In pocketsMonsters“It’s fast now. But when it was created, a lot of Pokemon went their way when their design was completed! For 25 years on Saga, some new ideas have been released by Nintendo.

Twenty-five years after it was created, the Pokmon license continues to impress. Whether through its games, its universe or the inspiration it generates among fans, the series is still alive and 2021-2022 will prove its strength:

Pokemon 25 years and thousands of ideas

So the switch welcomes Pokமொmon and you no longer know what to do. But if this is possible, thanks to the ultra-rich universe of this license Ranking of the best Pokemon (Further Something bad), Comments simply dropped by the publisher here! Hopeful ideas but are sometimes considered unnecessary or useless.

50 Pokemon Issues Abandoned by Nintendo

Charts of this Pokemon have been removed and reused in other forms. Some had a complete map, others only Figures Finished (game charts), allows designers to imagine the creativity and complexity of their boards in studios. In fact, it is rated higher than that 50 Number of deleted Pokemon… But it is obvious that more than 1000 different ideas are written in notebooks in studios in Japan!

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