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Octopus Traveler is no longer exclusive to the Nintendo Switch console – Marseille News

Microsoft reveals the uniqueness of the old switch console Octopus traveler Son Service Xbox Game Pass:

The game is already available on PC (see original story below) but it is no longer exclusive to the switch console. We dare say that the PlayStation version will be followed in due course.

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The original story [Fri 12th Apr, 2019 03:00 BST]: When Square Enix announced October Traveler: Champions to Continent For mobile devices in March, it raised questions about the duration Octopus traveler Will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. About a month later, the Korean note for the PC version of the original release appeared online, confirming the inevitability.

Square Enix has now confirmed that this game will no longer be exclusive to Switch. In a deleted blog post (thanks, Komatsu), the Japanese publisher announced that JRPG will be released on Wolverine Steam platform on June 7th.

The October Traveler was first released in July 2018 on Nintendo’s hybrid platform. For months, Square Enix struggled to keep up with the demand for the game. Surprisingly, this is not the first time the switch has skipped time. A Korean note Super Bomberman R. The switch was discovered on the PlayStation 4 a year after the version was introduced.

What do you think about taking the Octopus Traveler to PC? Do you think this game should have been exclusively for the Nintendo Switch? Or are you glad that more people can play this game now? Tell me below.