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Unlimited videos with details never seen before

Unlimited videos with details never seen before

About a year after its release, Our last part 2 Continues to amaze with new interests and backgrounds. It is good to warn that there are pictures in the video you are watching Various spoiler displays: Who hasn’t had a chance to play the title yet Do not proceed further, On the contrary good vision.

Lover of the signed masterpiece Naughty dog He was able to capture some interesting details beyond the forms of the game by passing through the game scenes with the free camera. So, how deep can you see some of the best scenes of the adventure Ellie, Starting with the death scene Joel, With far worse details than the players testify during the match. We go to its queueEaster egg Dedicated BS Vita, Completed with Hotline Miami Launched and hidden console dashboard. In other scenes in the film, there are specials related to eye injury Tommy And the precise animations that Ellie puts the evidence with in her bag. In addition, there are many small details that indicate all the care that the naughty dog ​​has taken in creating their most recent works.

This is not the first time similar insights into uniqueness have emerged PlayStation 4Here really Created a scene of how the naughty dog ​​works in The Last of S2. Missing even one The Easter Egg in The Lost of S2, dedicated to an iconic scene from the first episode. We are sure that more surprises will be revealed soon.

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