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United States: Many states accuse Google of monopoly access to apps

United States: Many states accuse Google of monopoly access to apps


San Francisco International Airport (AFP)

Dozens of states in the United States on Wednesday sued Google, accusing it of abusing its power over Android phone users who want to download apps.

These cases targeting the online store Play Store aimed at getting applications or other digital content on its Android smartphone have come at a time when major IT teams are facing growing lawsuits and criticism.

“We are bringing this case to an end to Google’s illegal monopoly and finally to give a voice to millions of consumer and entrepreneurial bosses,” said Ledidia James, the New York Attorney General, one of the campaign’s leading figures.

“Hundreds of millions of consumers have turned to Google and Google alone to access the millions of apps the company wants to download to their phones and tablets.”

37 With the support of the Attorney General, Google has been accused of using anti-competitive methods to encourage the distribution of apps through channels other than its Play Store, which collects transaction commissions.

“Android and Google Play offer an openness and choice not found on other platforms,” ​​said Wilson White, Google’s director of public policy.

Google has been accused of positioning itself as an “middle ground” between app developers and consumers.

At the same time, one of the high-profile lawsuits brought by Epic Games against Apple for abusing a dominant position in its App Store awaits.

The App Store is the only gateway for apps and other content for iPhones and other devices running the iOS operating system.

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Alternatively, users of Android mobile devices can get other options than the Play Store.