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Unimaginable mistake, but we all really make it every day, it first drains the battery of the mobile phone

Unimaginable mistake, but we all really make it every day, it first drains the battery of the mobile phone

It is not possible to download the latest generation smartphones soon. Today, manufacturers promise amazing battery life and pantasmagoric internal micro cameras. Truth be told, we have to admit that we use a lot of applications that can even discharge a nuclear battery. However, with these, we all do it ourselves every day, including the unthinkable mistake of first discharging the battery of the mobile phone: Load the security shell. In this article of our experts we will see how to keep the cell phone battery alive for a long time and not make this mistake along with others.

A compelling role model

When they already appeared Italy Talking about the first cell phones and the 90s, the sellers recommended a lot of attention to the battery, which also indicates the longevity of the cell phone. Even though things have definitely changed since then, the comment is still valid. In fact, once again since we texted and texted, today the smartphone is a real life partner. Here, in particular, if we have invested a large sum of money, taking care of the battery is like taking care of the phone. Also, at one time the battery could only be replaced, not today.

Pay attention to ambient temperature

Unimaginable mistake, but what we all really do every day is that it first drains the battery of the mobile phone, thus risking compromising its duration. For these two reasons, when we take responsibility for it, remember to remove it from the cover. This is because we have to allow the greatest scattering of heat, at a time, precisely because the battery is charging, the temperature rises significantly. And, despite the most modern batteries, we feel it as soon as we unplug it from the charge. But, similarly, in the middle of summer, perhaps under the sun’s rays, let’s remember not to let the phone charge in the car. Again, not only does the battery discharge faster, it also shortens its life cycle.

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