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Unboxing the PS5 digital version: we finally got our hands on this model without the Blu-ray player

Unboxing the PS5 digital version: we finally got our hands on this model without the Blu-ray player

The release of the next gen consoles is too high, in terms of frustration for gamers wanting to buy one, anything that existed before. AT Information title, Micromania Currently able to deliver consoles to customers who ordered on September 18th, Or the second day of pre-orders. As a reminder, these consoles were expected on November 19 almost three months ago. So, of course, the editorial staff was equipped with a standard PlayStation 5 before its official release so that they could test it out, and later games, but not L.A.Model without Blu-ray, ordered as customer Micromania, Have not yet been given to us, and we have not yet had a chance to see what is “real”. Since we ordered this PS5 digital version for this, we decided to pick up our camera – despite this two and a half month delay – our unboxing Beautiful house.

On the packaging page, We are far from the idea of ​​setting it up Microsoft Designed for the Xbox Series X., So it will not open without surprises or evolution. As with previous models, a box with a console and accessories slips into a box. If an attempt had been made – knowing that there are no single-use plastics and that everything is recyclable, and in these times when the idea of ​​wisely managing resources seems necessary – look at so much unnecessary card and paper (three paper announcements, but why?) A shame for a console.

Unboxing PS5 Digital Edition 0031

On receipt, the first thing that jumps out is that the box is in black and blue instead of white and blue for the standard version. Obviously, blue and black don’t always go together but it is glamorous. When the beast was released, we found it to be thinner and prettier than the version with Blu-ray, which did not disappoint us.. For the rest, it is no different from its big sister in that it has cables, instructions and position so it can stand upright or horizontally. Keep in mind that the latter is well thought out, it will accommodate the screw or hole casing, there is a place to not lose them when they are not in use.

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Aside from the lack of a Blu-ray player, the PS5 digital version is the same engine as the technically stable version. In principle, for those who want to buy their games in a dematerialized form, this may seem like the best solution. In fact, with ridiculous storage (825GB), the weight of current products (several tens of thousands of gigabytes) and Inability to install games on external storage media, She can only push big ones Gamers Who wants to get it. After all, it’s a very affordable alternative to the occasional players or less “consumer” content.

We invite you to find our home-made photos of its unboxing on the next page of this article. If you are patient, you can try to keep track The Fnac Or Amazon Try to order one.