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"Unacceptable".  Labor also unloads Grillo

“Unacceptable”. Labor also unloads Grillo

Further Marco Travaclio The download ends Pepe Grillo Onorato’s shipping company “Moby spa” with the blog after the Milan public prosecutor who wanted to shed light on the advertising deals signed in 2018-2019. Director D. Daily fact He did not want to take the political defense of the co-founder of the 5 Star movement, and was further and further isolated by the big names of the political organization he helped create. There have been no public outcries in support of the Geneva comedian, either to the press or to the M5S’s historical leaders.

Labor unloads Grillo

With time and procedures for justice pending, Labor has branded it blunt. “Unacceptable behavior“True”Receive money from a public servant and send his requests to 5-star ministers and members of parliament, then send him their answersAlso, it should not be forgotten that the 5 star movement was the promoter of the revolutionary activity of that organization and embodied the principles of transparency and honesty.

Maybe ideas that someone doesn’t consider a flag, a pillar. Director of Done Judges Grillo “Lucky“Why MPs and Ministers of the Movement”They ignored those chats and did nothing to help the respect“And it was an opportunity to explore the Genoese comedian:”Because they (at least they) have not forgotten who voted for them and why. Thus proved – no matter what the cheering journalists say – we are not ‘equal to others’.“.


Travaglio’s position emerged following a comment written by a reader Done, Instead takes Girillo’s side and does not accept the media process. “What, have you already read the chats ?! Since investigations are not closed, it is not possible!“, The user asks himself. He is annoyed with those who consider Girillo unsafe, even from a political point of view.

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Here, the thing is. The crime of kidnapping has yet to be fully proven by illegal influence: justice will run its course and establish whether M5S’s co-founder is guilty or not. He is innocent until proven guilty. But from a political point of view, a fact of particular importance cannot go unnoticed, especially if you go fishing for the monotonous tones used when the 5 stars are sitting on the opposition bench.