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Ultimate Fantasy 16 is a pure action game that is accessible even to the inexperienced -

Ultimate Fantasy 16 is a pure action game that is accessible even to the inexperienced –

When Square Enix first showed people Final Fantasy16, Did not fail to reveal some quick game sections. So the general public has found that this game offers a very dynamic combat system. How much will change? According to new information, we are talking about one Pure Action Game: If you are not a senior in the genre, do not worry, Final Fantasy 16 is designed to be accessible to novices.

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida recently spoke on a radio show, confirming that the game is “action-oriented”, according to a tweet by Tony Carso, senior editor of Nova Crystalis, but the team is striving for it. Supports less qualified players with the genre. How? Unfortunately this is not said. Final Fantasy 16 involves a simple difficulty similar to that proposed by the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

In the case Final Fantasy 7 remake, Because it is “simple” it allows you to play an action game with ATP (Active Time Battle), or mount in the presence of a bar and perform more powerful moves. At Easy Time, the player can automatically allow characters to fight with basic moves, only occasionally enabling ATP moves. Final Fantasy 16 should be complete in real time, so it’s hard to follow a similar solution.

Probably, Square Enix will insert one Easy mode in the classic sense For action games, weak and easy to defeat enemies. Yoshida also confirmed that he is working hard on the story of the game.

We do not know much at the moment, but as for Final Fantasy 16, we remind you that Square Enix wants a lack of news.

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