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An animal frozen for 24,000 years, revived by scientists

An animal frozen for 24,000 years, revived by scientists

A team of Russian scientists is resurrecting a microbe that has been trapped in Arctic permafrost for 24,000 years.

Fidelloid is a small biodiversity organism from the branch of Rodifer, measuring up to half a millimeter in length, which usually lives in freshwater environments.

Many of these specimens, found in a frozen core extracted from Siberian permafrost, have been revived 24,000 years after being trapped in ice by rabicarbon dating.

Metabolism is almost completely stopped

This finding a Study Published this Monday, June 7 in the current issue of Biology. “Our report is strong evidence that biodiversity animals can survive in cryptophobia for thousands of years, at which point the metabolism stops altogether,” says researcher Stas Malavin.

His team also discovered that they were able to feed and reproduce regenerated fidelloids.

“A biodiversity creature can be frozen and stored for thousands of years and then revived – a dream for many fiction writers,” Stas Mala said in a statement, adding that process cryonics is not yet possible for mammals.

The discovery will benefit research on “cryopreservation of cells, tissues and organs of human importance.”

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