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Google Maps 5.55 for iPhone and CarPlay is now available for download

Google Maps 5.55 for iPhone and CarPlay is now available for download

Google Maps continues to be the preferred navigation app for many iPhone users on their mobile devices and CarPlay.

Now that it comes with support for the CarPlay dashboard, it’s easy to see why Google Maps is the best choice in the Apple ecosystem.

At the same time, the frequent updates that the app receives further enhance the experience for everyone, and this seems to be the case with Google Maps 5.55. The update that came live this week is now available to all iOS users, and can be installed App Store Here.

As usual, Google has not provided any information on what’s included in this latest update, but from user feedback, the new version of the app tweaks the GPS tracking system on the iPhone. In other words, version 5.55 fixes some GPS issues experienced by users in the past and sometimes completely breaks the app.

Without accurate GPS data, Google Maps can no longer determine users’ locations and trust that they are on a different street than they actually are. Eventually, the application is able to provide incorrect navigation directions.

While many see the improved GPS connection after this update, version 5.55 has caused me an odd black screen issue on the CarPlay. After installing the update, every time I restart the iPhone and start Google Maps, the app gets stuck in the black screen on the carplay, and the only way to handle it is to reconnect the smartphone to the car.

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This only happens when I first launch Google Maps after launching the iPhone, so I think the simplest solution is to start and close the app and then connect the device to the car to run CarPlay.

This does not seem to be a widespread problem and common tasks such as replacing cables and everything now seem to make no difference.