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Two new Venus exploration missions planned by NASA

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, in Washington, June 2, 2021.

NASA on Wednesday, June 2, announced two new exploration missions to Venus, the hottest planet in the solar system, trying to better understand why it happened. “Hell World” What it is today when its neighbor Earth became habitat.

These two trips, called Da Vinci + and Veritas, are scheduled to depart “During the period 2028-2030”, The US space agency said in a statement. “They will allow the scientific community to explore a planet we have not had in thirty years.”Bill Nelson, NASA’s new executive, told agency staff in his annual speech.

“Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, with no atmosphere. Then there is Venus with its incredibly dense atmosphere. Then there is the earth, with living conditions ”, He listed. “We hope these trips will help us better understand how the earth came to be and why it can survive when others are present. [planètes] No. “

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Combination of Atmospheric and Geographical History

Image of the planet Venus taken with data from the Magellan spacecraft and the predecessor Venus Orbiter.

We need to measure the composition of the atmosphere of Da Vinci + Venus and determine if the planet ever had an ocean. “This work consists of a sphere that sinks into the dense atmosphere of Venus and makes accurate measurements of noble gases and other elements.”, NASA explained.

Veritas should study the geographical history of Venus, which will be placed in orbit around it. To work “Find reliefs on almost the entire surface of the planet to create a 3D reconstruction of the landscape and ensure that processes such as tectonics or volcanism are not yet functioning.”, According to NASA. Veridas must also determine whether active volcanoes emit vapors into the atmosphere.

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Bill Nelson has also confirmed that Artemis 1, the first mission to return to the U.S. moon program, will be launched. “Later this year”.

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