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Two major French download / streaming sites are closing their doors

Two major French download / streaming sites are closing their doors, one of the largest French download sites, and the illegal streaming site Tirexo have closed their doors.

The worst surprise for the pirates was Monday morning, when they could no longer access the Tirexo and Zone-download pirate sites.

Considered the largest download site in 2016 with 3.7 million active users per month, Zonal-Telecharge was forced to close its doors after French police arrested three of its creators. Until the opening of in August 2021, several copies were created, which claimed to be the true successor to the original site.

Its creators have chosen to close their store again, although they do not explain the reasons that led to their abandonment. “We have closed all old and new domains linked to our site. The site’s database will be completely erased. The site will not be restarted.” Announce the owners of Zonal-TV.

Another French pirate base also closed its doors this weekend. This is Tirexo, an illegal streaming site in which Internet users can watch tens of thousands of movies and series like Netflix. “The Tirexo adventure ends there. Thanks for everything. You can provoke us, yell at us, insult us (if we deserve it, I should delete the comments, it hurt my mind), it will not snatch anything from what we have done so far for us and for you. I’m coming“Read on the portal on Sunday. Unlike Zone-telechargement, its creators said that Tirexo will be available for a few more days.

In recent months, French authorities have embarked on a real witch hunt and the number of closures of illegal download sites in France has multiplied. Closing and Tirexo is not significant if there are still some alternatives. Two big illegal sites have now collapsed, and they are bringing in communities that are tired of having to find a new home every time. The legal offer is richer and cheaper than it was five years ago.

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