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Two barcodes from Earth (Nintendo Switch) - Lay test

Two barcodes from Earth (Nintendo Switch) – Lay test

In the company of the Z3-L1 robot invite you to two barracks from Earth to escape for a few hours in an imaginary world. On the way to Earth, his ship actually exploded. Z3-L1 is then seen being thrown at an unknown planet called tritium. This planet without human life is small flying insects, small “monsters” moving in a wild system on the ground.

Two barracks from Earth is a 2D metrodvania in which you take control of a Z3-L1 robot that will have to travel through tritium in search of repair materials for its ship. Travel is not easy because the planet is full of hostile creatures and traps.

You need to collect 3 batteries and 30 pieces of its inventory. However, beware of monsters and other insects that live on this planet, which will make the adventure of happiness more difficult for you. So be careful!

Two barracks from Earth: Entree Interaction and Sink

In the game, you control the Z3-L1, but not the character. In fact, you’re taking control of the body, because in the Z3 – L1 game you can give signs, you can have little jokes or you can throw small spades: ” First talent and you have already died many times! .

Taking full control of its body while listening to the robot’s instructions will fully include the player in this new role.

With all of this you will be totally immersed in the music that comes with each level: just like you planned in the game! Keep in mind that music adapts to select the skills you have developed to enhance your gaming experience.

Tritium, the only possible planet!

Your adventure in tritium is something to choose from because the decisions you make will affect what happens next.

To access different parts of the game, you will find very large computers compared to the general environment. They allow you to choose from two abilities: for example double jump or dash. Depending on the ability you choose, the path you will take will not be the same and the new area will be different.

You will encounter these large computers three times during your adventure, once per level. This will give you a total of three skills that you have selected from the list of six skills provided. So every choice will affect your adventure.

Be careful in your choices: some will lead you to an impasse … but once your first adventure is over you will have the opportunity to discover the last corners of the planet in a new game + giving you the last of the unrecovered powers.

Two parcels from the earth: Is it really realistic?

When the Z3-L1 lands on the tritium, he is damaged: his leg is broken. By taking control of the robot, you can not jump, so only one path can be accessed.

For the first time, the robot will automatically adjust when you pass another robot’s corpse in bad condition. You are now ready for an adventurous journey!

From this moment on the game really starts and you can browse parts of the map. The more you collect the necessary components, the more the game will provide new roads and new dynamics to explore. These will also bring you the role of new traps. But don’t worry, your robot is immortal: no life gauge, no hearts or anything else… You can die indefinitely: we have tested for you, at least 43 deaths at our counter.

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