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35th Anniversary Dragon Quest Stream Announced • Nintendo Link

35th Anniversary Dragon Quest Stream Announced • Nintendo Link

This year, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon are not only celebrating their anniversaries, but also looking back on its 35th anniversary as Dragon Quest continues. As Square Enix has now announced, a stream will be held in this regard.

Wednesday, May 27, 2021 at 5:30 am German time, which will provide information on the series’ titles. More precisely, those who are currently in development. There will also be an English language broadcast for the first time.

Someone wants to introduce the “upcoming sequence of the Dragon Quest series”. Fans can expect one or another surprise. The same Dragon Quest XII Be – uncertain. To Dragon Quest XII Yuji Hori said in January 2020 that it would take “a little while”, although it was actually a while ago!

The Japanese live stream starts half an hour earlier. RPG site Announced that it should be in the first half Dragon Quest style And Dragon Quest X Go ahead, so what is Japan exclusive content. The second half of the stream, which will then come in English internationally, will then accommodate the big announcements.

We’ll keep you updated on the Nintendo Connect, so be sure to check it out if you do not want to miss this one again!

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