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Twitter logo: subject, history, download, etc.

Twitter logo: subject, history, download, etc.

In the world of social networking, Twitter has made a name for itself since 2006 with its micro-blogging form. The brand is now known around the world, but do you know the history and evolution of the Twitter logo?

« Twitter is not a bird. Bird Twitter Doug Bowman, the company’s chief creative officer, unveiled the brand’s new logo in 2012. The blue bird has become very popular and instantly recognized by millions of people around the world.

Logo Twitter PNG en transparent 2021

What is the meaning of the Twitter logo

The Twitter logo represents a bird. Microblogging is a choice that may seem interesting, but it’s really easy to explain. Bird really reflects the essence of online microblogging. “Twitter” is like a “tweet”, an onomatopoeia of sound made by birds in English. Bird activity also signifies freedom and endless possibilities.. In the collective imagination, short messages are sent quickly as the birds fly.

Evolution of the Twitter logo

History and date of creation of the Twitter logo

The first Twitter logo since 2006. It was actually a very simple and very clean design. It only had the name of the company written in blue font on a white background. In 2010, as Twitter became more popular, it was time to adopt a new corporate logo by adopting the Blue Bird. The company later bought a bird map from iStock for 15.. This painting was created by Simon Oxley, whose description was never thought to be so popular in our time. The site that takes generous commission, the designer would have actually only gotten $ 6 for this map!

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History of the Twitter logo

Unfortunately for the company, it turned out that the image purchased on iStack could not be used as a logo. Also, Twitter had to appoint a team of designers to redesign the new bird from an image purchased at iStock. The bird thus served as a symbol of the company for two years. Note that there are some interesting things about the Twitter logo. The bird in the logotype was actually nicknamed “Larry” in its early days. That team refers to basketball player Larry Byrd (Bird means bird in English). The bird in the logo no longer has a name. This is simply called “Twitter”.

The Twitter logo is a historical evolution over time

Historical evolution of the Twitter logo

So in 2006, the Twitter logo was just a simple letter. In 2010, Larry Bird was adopted and placed next to the company name to ensure understandable change. In 2012, as Twitter became a household name, it was decided to remove the brand name from the logo. It was decided to make it more energetic and transparent by modifying the bird somewhat. The designers were then inspired by a hummingbird and created hundreds of birds of different sizes and proportions. Note that the image finally selected for the company’s final logo contains 15 circles. These circular shapes add a sense of harmony to the logo and also convey the idea of ​​freedom of expression.

What does the Twitter logo symbol mean?

Initial simplicity in minimal and versatile design. Simply made it possible to make the brand name known to the public. As soon as Twitter saw that its business had established itself sufficiently, the American company decided to use an iconic blue bird. Millions of users view the Twitter logo on websites, but also on blogs, forums, and social sites. In addition, the company will be recognized immediately, He decided to reveal his brand identity to a large audience by retaining only the blue bird.

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What the Twitter app icon looks like

The Twitter app icon explicitly represents the brand’s bird symbol. It is shown in white on a blue background. On iOS, the logo does not use color, but a black bird on a white background. Note that the choice of blue is common on social networks on PC and smartphone. Most of them actually use the blue shade on their logo, except for WhatsApp, which is true, a social network definitely does not speak.

Twitter Icons

Twitter icon black

What is the symbol for the color of the Twitter logo?

As previously explained, the bird represents the freedom and speed of sending short messages. So the symbol for this is the rise and release of SMS for a new form of micro-blogging. The initial logo used a sky blue. However, this color was a bit difficult to read for some as there was no difference with the white background. Also blue has become darker over time and is now similar to the blue shades used by many social networks. Blue is a calming and reassuring color. The color code for the Twitter logo blue is # 1D9BF0. White #FFFFFFF.

PSD, PNG, JPG தா Is the Twitter logo different?

From one version to another, the Twitter logo shows no significant difference. It is above all a question of specific size and definition for each image format. The brand offers the opportunity to download the official Twitter logo on its website. Keep in mind, however, that it imposes many strict rules on its use. You cannot change the logo, change the colors or the proportions. Versions are available with a hashtag or added username, and a version with a tweet is also available.

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The official Twitter logo can be downloaded for free in PNG, SVG, EPS and BSD formats. Here. You will also find the brand’s social icons on the same page. There is no JPG version, but we provide it below.

Logo Twitter 2021

Downloads the Twitter vector icon

The official page of the brand allows you to download the vector version of the Twitter logo and its vector icon. The same usage restrictions apply to this free vector version of the logo.. We urge you to review the images if they are used commercially.

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