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Japanese billionaire Yusaku Mesawa hits ISS in December

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Mesawa hits ISS in December

Strange Entrepreneur will be the next space tourist. In 2023, he will be orbiting the moon with SpaceX.

Russian space agency Roscosmos announced on Thursday (May 13) that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Mesawa and his aide Yoso Hirano will be the next tourists to stay at the International Space Station, which will push both into orbit in December. “The duration of the spaceflight is 12 days. Team Commander Roscosmos astronaut Alexandre Mizorgine,” the company said on its website, noting that crew training will begin in June for the flight, which is scheduled for December 8.

A journey around the moon in 2023

The bizarre Japanese millionaire, who has amassed his fortune online, plans to take eight more with him on a space tour around the moon, according to SpaceX, a space company planned for 2023.Elon Musk. “I’m so excited about life in space, I plan to enjoy it on my own and share it with the world on my YouTube channel,” Yusaku Meizawa commented in a space release. Adventures.

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Roscosmos is resuming these missions to the ISS as it loses the monopoly of manned aircraft in the wake of the success of SpaceX in 2020, thus losing part of the financial decline represented by US space agencies’ acquisitions. European.

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