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Dating applications for "sugar dads" are banned by Google

Dating applications for “sugar dads” are banned by Google

Google Announced this Wednesday Continuous changes in its security and privacy policy Game Store. Updates include “New restrictions on sexual content, especially forbidding intercourse for compensation.” The rule will take effect Sept. 1, the California-based giant said on its site.

On the page dedicated to changes Applications Approved, the company is practically banned in black and white Sugar dating “These are physical relationships between young and old partners, covering them with gifts. In the comprehensive version of its new terms, Google has actually used a glossary that clearly targets this type of activity.

This type of service is already illegal

“The content of a sexual nature and pornography” paragraph “a participant must make compensatory relationships or sexual arrangements” […] Giving money, gifts, or financial assistance to another participant “.

However, Android Police found that the platform of dating apps places more emphasis on the legacy of male users. None of these portals, however, directly mention the obligation of older men to pay their younger partners. Google “work hard to deliver [ses] Safe experience for users. To illustrate its new policy, the company highlighted “comments from NGOs, governments and militant associations concerned with user safety.”

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