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Tutorial - How to Reset MacBook or Mac Mini?

Tutorial – How to Reset MacBook or Mac Mini?


Want to reset your MacBook or Mac Mini, but not sure how? We will show you how to do it in a few steps …

After a little practice Reset the system in Windows 10, Apple’s operating system, method for macOS here. If you want to convert a MacBook or Mac to its factory values ​​and want to grow or sell it a little, follow the guide.

First, make a backup of your important files to external storage, and if you enable the functionality on the MacBook, insert it into the main.

On MacOS, a full reset is performed in several steps:

Launch the Magos Recovery Tool

Get started by turning on or restarting your Apple computer. When it starts, press and hold the “Command” (⌘) and “R” keys until a white apple appears on the screen.

The recovery tool starts and you have to select the main profile and enter the password associated with it.

Clear data from disk

Then a menu will open. For this step, selectDisk usage. This will allow you to delete all the files from the SSD or HDD.

Select your internal storage (usually “Macintosh HD”) and right-click on the window To clear.

A small confirmation window opens and we select again To clear.

When the process is complete, you can close the disk application by clicking on the red shortcut at the top left of the window.

Reinstall Magos

We will be in the main menu of the recovery tool, this time we choose Reinstall Magos (Big Sur in this case).

A new window opens, click To proceed.

Accept the terms of the license agreement.

Finally, select the storage space (SSD or HDD) where you want to install MacOS and click on it To proceed.

The system will restart the installation, which may take some time (usually a few ten minutes). When Magos offers you to choose your country, you can turn off the system (if you want to resell or pay for it), or start the various stages of the installation (in case of relocation).

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