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Tutorial: A new tutorial on French "Mastering your iPhone" (Audrey Couleau)

Tutorial: A new tutorial on French “Mastering your iPhone” (Audrey Couleau)

If you do not know, Audrey Coolio, the special editor of Apple, was the journalist of the famous magazine. Mac Talent. He has solid experience in Magos and iOS training. He is the author of several books on the subject. He started last year Its own training site Apple with Audrey Dedicated to Apple products: Mac, iPhone and iPad.

All of his courses:

Accessible at all times
Suitable for all levels
Everyone understands
Updates Free And so on

Training: A new training "Mastering your iPhone"  In French (by Audrey Gullio)

This week, Audrey throws Complete tutorial “Mastering your iPhone”. As its name implies, it helps to get acquainted with the product, especially for beginners – but not only!

This tutorial includes the following:

58 Illustrated Rehearsals
7 Question and Answer Games
Summary for download in PDF

Update your iPhone
Identify, charge, protect and connect your iPhone
Learn the right gestures
Tidy up your home screen
Communicating is easier than you think!
Block all unwanted calls and SMS!
Install and remove applications
Take photos and videos with iPhone
15 essential functions you need to know at your fingertips
சரியாக Manage notifications properly on iPhone

It costs € 29 or € 14.50, meaning 50% off club members For club members (9 த்திற்கு per month without commitment)

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