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What will change for internet users in June

What will change for internet users in June

Internet Explorer hides, Outlook gets a common change, Direxo heads off … Here’s all that will change on the Internet in June!

Results of Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer (IE) browser will close its doors on June 15. Recommended by Microsoft Companies that use Internet Explorer 11 do not have to wait until the browser withdrawal deadline.

Born in 1995, Internet Explorer was the most widely used browser on the planet in the late 90s. It will gradually be pushed back by its rival Chrome. In 2015, Microsoft announced the creation of a new browser called Edge, which will replace it in the future. Used that year, it took many years for the Edge to depart.

Although it is not used today, it has left an indelible mark on the history of Internet Explorer. Although Internet Explorer was often ridiculed for its slowness and lack of functionality, Internet Explorer greatly contributed to the development of the Internet.

Finish the applause for Direxo

Tirexo, France’s largest illegal download site, bows down. The site has been plagued by threats from the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment and will soon close its doors. Unlike, Tirexo will be online until the last minute.

The site allows Internet users to watch movies and series in streaming and download them in a few clicks.

A new Outlook

Microsoft’s “One Outlook” email client will eventually need to change Outlook. Microsoft has been developing a new email client for over a year. It will be presented at the end of May at BUILD, Microsoft’s annual event. The application should be available immediately.

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The beta version of the mail application will eventually replace current versions of Outlook for Windows and MacOS, as well as native Windows built-in applications such as Mail and Calendar. It will convert Win32 and UWP applications to Windows 10, Outlook Web Access and macOS.

In addition to the complete facelift, new features are expected.

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