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‘Tsunami Risk’ Passes … But Clash Stage – Radio Onda Di Urdo

In the wake of the recent tsunami alert on Lake Icio, we need to maintain silence from officials and companies regarding landslides and the work of the Tavernola Cement plant. The Echocepino project is an attempt to bring to attention what is happening on the Bergamo shores of the lake, which arranged a press conference tomorrow to report the situation.

With us is Pepe Locatelly, executive of the Echocepino project Listen or download

Below is the press release of the project Ecocepino

We decided to hold a press conference on Saturday, June 5 at 9.30am at the Maracino landing stage for sale as Projeto Ecocepino, these days to report the complaint sent to the Bergamo Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the liability of Landslide Movement exposed against the first group of Tavernola Cement plant 198 .

To underline with a symbolic gesture that the problem of the cement factory is the problem of the whole Cebino region, let us go after Civiano, a small village called Montizola, which rises in front of Tavernola Bergmaska. Attempts are being made to remove responsibility for the devastation on the entire Sepino Basin. These responsibilities must be pursued. To explain the contents of the complaint, Ecio Locatelly, a former co-ordinator of the group against the Parsanica mine and a reference figure in the fight against the catastrophic actions of Cementifera Sebina, will intervene.

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